Markets and Industries

ePeak has become a trusted partner for Fortune 500, medical device, and global life sciences organizations and our commitment to each client is what defines our organization. By developing an understanding of our clients’ operations, needs and goals and combining that with industry experience and technical expertise, we build personalized, long-term partnerships with our clients that ensure their continued success.

Focus on Life Sciences

Rapid technology advancements, globalization, rising costs, and relentless regulatory pressures are some of the increasing challenges facing global healthcare and Life Sciences organizations. Integrating modern software engineering principles into your processes is not a nice-to-have, but rather essential to maintaining innovation and improving outcomes for your patients and customers.

ePeak is significantly focused on the healthcare and life sciences business, delivering, designing, installing, and optimizing large-scale projects around North America and in the following Life Sciences sectors—Medical Device, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and Provider. Our engineering team has extensive experience in medical device integration, industrial automation, robotics, embedded systems, medical data analytics, workflow and data modeling, and laboratory and hospital information systems.

Our Clients